The desire within the flesh

I remember that I only thought about how strong my heart felt when thinking that I was waiting behind that door after the doorbell, the sound of his voice when I left, his hands shaking as he greeted, tone of voice and templar posture melted me, humid and burned strongly his chest, literally, invited me to come by, smiling, asking for his parents and his answer I took him, we were alone in the house, I wanted him madly afraid of feeling things I had never experienced, gently closed the door and we sat on the sofa, I tried to talk but I could not stop seeing her delicious body, my hands were sweating and my throat was getting drier and my mouth full of fluid, after a glass of water my first kiss with passion surprised me spilling all the water ensima of me, new kissed he kissed us we kissed with madness like wanting to eat our mouths. I push myself on the sofa riding on me and I still with clothes but the complete mind naked, my God I never knew when I removed it I only felt the aroma of his penis that doped me, an inexplicable aroma, to man, to sweat, to desire , instinctively wanted to prove it sentier their knowledge, if its smell had me crazy and accelerated even being dressed that would happen if I touched it, in my life I will forget the feeling so soft, subtle, tepid and warm that I experience when I let my hand go to his penis. We exchanged touch when we touched him, his stillness to see that I was nervous and it was time to confess that I was a virgin and that nothing knew that it was time to stop being but I wanted a teacher to guide someone to make me feel everything but that It was very delicate with me. I wonder if it was ready? And I replied that since he called me I knew that this was the day.


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